Structural components are made of either hot dip galvanized or galvanized steel. Height of the greenhouse is 6 m and height below the gutter – 4 m. Distance between spans may be 8 or 9.6 meters, which is determined by calculation of snow load.

Greenhouse columns are hot dip galvanized with the dimensions of 4800*80*80 mm. Distance between side columns of the greenhouse is 2.5 m and that for inside ones is 5 m. In areas with heavy snow load, distance between inside columns is 2.5 m.

Column capitals are made of galvanized steel sheets with thickness of 2 mm. They are used for connection of four main parts of greenhouse structure: columns, gutters, crop bars and bows. Bows are made of galvanized steel sheets 1.5 mm thickness and in gothic form, and capable to resist against strong winds. Gutters are also made of galvanized steel sheets with 2 mm thickness.

Depending on climatic conditions, one or two windows for each span may be installed. They are opened and closed, using control panel, electro-gearboxes and rack&pinion mechanism, which are provided from the leading manufactures in the world. All windows are equipped with high-quality anti-insect net.

Greenhouse’s roof is covered with special greenhouse plastic film 220 micron thickness. It serves for 3 years and has factory guarantee. Walls may be covered by same plastic film or polycarbonate sheets 8 mm thickness. Polycarbonate being an energy saving material prevents greenhouse from spending too much fuel. It may serve up to 12 years and has 7 years factory guarantee.

Greenhouse’s climate control system is french-made and consists of control panel and six sensors – wind speed and direction, light, rain, temperature and humidity. Control panel is installed in control room, which is used for making a buffer zone between greenhouse and outside environment. All the control panels are installed in that room to prevent damages caused by high humidity inside the greenhouse.

White energy-saving screen is three-layered and is used to prevent too much fuel consumption. It is installed in regions with high difference in day and night temperature in winter. It usually comes with black screen that is used in summer to reduce sunlight. Aluminum energy saving screen is a combined system of both energy saving and shading systems. Working as two systems at once, it is an affordable solution for modern greenhouse.

Drip irrigation is a modern solution for greenhouse projects that allows to use ten times less water than in usual irrigation, and to mix fertilizers and pesticides with water to deliver it directly to the plant. Greenhouse irrigation equipment is provided by best  Iranian manufacturers. Hydroponic unit is produced in our factory and added to drip irrigation system. It is equipped with easy software and helps to control and  to sustain fertilizers and pesticides delivery to the plant.

Water reservoirs for water may be used for both drinking and agricultural water. They are made of galvanized sheets and are installed with bolts and nuts, easy to assemble and disassemble. Inside this reservoir are two liners – one for drinking water, the other one is for protection of drinking water liner, both are European made.